Welcome to our sushi bar at ReelRaw, formerly S.A.D. Dog Sushi, where your dog  gets a natural, holistic, raw dog food diet! The best dog food is raw dog food, because it is grain-free, nutritious, and delicious!

And if you live in the Austin area we offer Free Delivery right to your door! The benefits of ordering from us don't stop with the convenience of delivery. We will pre-measure, package, and label all the bones and patties based on your dog's individual weight. All you have to do is email us your dog's weight and we will take care of the rest.

Our other options include ordering by the pound or in bulk. Read more below about our innovative dog sushi bar...

If you knew sushi before, we'd like to show you sushi as you've never imagined it. This isn't the same as traditional sushi in its contents, because it is completely tailored to satisfy the nutritional needs of your companion animal. But, much like traditional sushi, each piece of ReelRaw has a distinct flavor and texture, as well as natural essential nutrients.

Here at ReelRaw, we have created fresh, healthy, raw dog food for the discerning pet caretaker.  What exactly is in dog sushi you ask? Some of the ingredients include: raw meaty bones, raw muscle meat, organ meat, and green tripe. ReelRaw is the best diet a dog can get-a Species Appropriate Diet.

We serve fresh nigiri (raw meaty bones), delectable sashimi (muscle meat), and our always popular signature rolls (a combination of different muscle meat, organ meat, and green tripe).

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Vet Recommended

Top: Do you really know what's in kibble? Neither does Luna, but she does know what's in that raw meaty bone - raw meat and bone.

Middle: Remember to feed whole pieces of raw meaty bones to satisfy your pet's natural desire to crunch and gnaw, while also cleaning their teeth.

Top Left: Omega 3 is an essential nutrient for a carnivore. And what better way to feed it than in a treat? Be sure to try our Anchewy Bites (dried anchovies) today!

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Top News!

S.A.D. Dog Sushi has a new name! We are now ReelRaw! Check out our new website at  reelrawdog.com! Email me with any questions to  reelrawdog@gmail.com.

Dr. William Falconer, DVM recommends ReelRaw

10 lb Complete Patties ONLY $1.99/lb

Pastured, Grass-fed Green Tripe $3.99/lb
ReelRaw is in People!
Dr. Jeannie Thomason (owner of "The Whole Dog" and Co-Founder of The American Council of Animal Naturopathy) ONLY recommends 2 raw frozen pet foods on the market and ReelRaw is 1 of them! Read more here: The Whole Dog .
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